By | November 6, 2021
3 Reasons Why Festivals & Events Matter Now More Than Ever?

Nowadays, people are busier in their lives with a lot of workloads on their heads, and by this, they become more stressed. So, life is just to remain happy as a human. Then people should enhance their social interactions with their friends that bring out their happiness and attend the festivals & events matter to familiarize themselves with their culture, traditions, and moral values. What else does a person see in an event or festival like shinning tables, tea towels placed in sequence, and a delicious meal to eat.

In this era of a worried life, festivals & events are the best opportunities to get away from all these negative emotions. They act as stress relievers and enhance the joy and happiness in our lives. The special events and festivals play an essential role in our lives that connects us with our families and friends to remember these important moments. Religious festivals like Diwali, Christmas, and Eid, are each beautiful in their color.

Reasons why Festivals & Events are Important:

• Freedom from Covid-19 lockdown:

Most people have spent more than a year in isolation and keep them safe by staying at their homes. For the past two years, People have been suffering from many things that include health issues, unemployment, and poverty. Most importantly, they have been away from their family gatherings, Festivals & Events Matter due to precautionary measures of Covid-19.

But now, most of the things had to get better than before. Vaccines have been made, which worked a lot now than the situation when Covid is making. People can now easily enjoy their cultural festivals and events by taking preventive measures of wearing masks, using hand sanitizers and gloves. Festivals and events also offer a platform that includes cultural and moral values, which results in meaningful memories. Due to lockdown, people faced anxiety and stressful life by keeping themselves at home for long, so festivals and events now must be attended by keeping themselves well healthy. Easily Create & Discover Events from anywhere anytime to refresh your life.

• Loneliness caused by the not so social media:

Nowadays, people are mostly addicted to social media, and they have no time for their cultural festivals and events. Social media has made people apart from their family gatherings. Many people, including children, are severely addicted to social media apps like YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They also didn’t know about their cultural festivals because they are the 20th generation.

By birth, they have mobile phones and laptops in their hands. Using excessive social media made them lonely person alive because they have no more other activities to make themselves busy and remove this loneliness by not using social media. The festivals and events are just made to get away from the stress and loneliness by being badly hooked onto social media. Some people can also maximize profit from Events by organizing them and selling tickets online.

• Opportunity for leisure by Enjoying Festivals & Events:

Nothing can bring people together as the festivals do. They play a significant role in bringing people together and become a reason for leisure and joy. Due to Covid-19,  most people are working from their homes and are stuck in their rooms. They don’t even think about their life without work. The culture and festivals are part of family gatherings that give them relaxation and peace of mind. These festivals should be held every month to keep people away from their busy lives and get time for themselves. The collective and physical types of gatherings make a massive difference in people’s lives. People have been in isolation for the past two years and have not met their loved ones for so long so that people can meet their families and friends through these festivals.


Festivals & Events play a huge role in today’s lifestyle. Modern people are not so cultural these days because they are addicted to social media so much. As by festivals and events, If a woman is attending any event or festival, gold jewelry is the best attraction. Most importantly, people should not forget their culture and must attend the festivals, parties and events.


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