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event planning industry trends and growth

Because technology is pervasive in our daily lives, live conferences, meetings, and events are more crucial than ever to build an in-person touchpoint. As a result, the function of an event planner is more important than ever. For all guests, each event is a one-of-a-kind live event experience.

Here are a few event planning industry trends that you need to look into.

Multifunction flexibility with additional value is an event planning trend to keep an eye on in the current event planning industry.

People these days are bent on getting the maximum purpose and utility out of everything, from cellphones to small dwellings.

What does this mean for events?
Consider how every facet of the event may bring you more value. Consider every aspect of the event, from the material to the activities to the way you connect guests.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. On the back of name tags, print a schedule summary.
  2. If you hand away swag bags, include a “save the date” for next year’s event.

This is not only “cool,” but it’s also cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and considerate to your guests. Business executives are picky about how and with whom they spend their time. Taking a step back and examining each aspect of the experience can guarantee that your event is worthwhile. In this manner, you can ensure that participants will benefit from the takeaways while also leaving a lasting impression on personal development, progress, and inspiration.

A recent event planning trend is to include mindfulness in your event.

In case you missed it, this year’s keywords are mindfulness and wellness. Leading scientists believe that taking “brain pauses” is essential for recharging the mind and can even boost creativity.

What does this mean for the events?
Back-to-back classes, a slew of vendor displays, notes to take, and people to meet all crammed into two or three days – sounds stressful, right? For conference participants, a jam-packed agenda may be exhausting.

While you want to provide your guests as much value as possible, don’t overlook the advantages of being thoughtful as well. Hands-on workshops, outdoor activities, art exhibitions, or health activities provide guests with time and space to breathe, think, and recover. An important insight to be mindful of regarding the event planning industry.

An important trend in event planning is to celebrate varied views.

In general, society has become considerably more tolerant of differing viewpoints and interests. People are curious about ideas that are different from their own.

What does this mean for events?
Outside-the-box thinking will always be a trendy topic for events, but it’s something we don’t always consider when selecting event speakers.

One of the most effective methods for delivering a new viewpoint that may actually ignite creative thought is to… Invite keynote speakers from outside your sector to speak at your event. It might even be a speaker who challenges popular opinion or established practice in many circumstances.

If it seems hazardous, don’t worry: over 70% of participants believe that opposing viewpoints are essential for developing excellent ideas.

Bring in speakers who will push audiences to think wider and broader to ensure that attendance is stimulated.

A new event planning industry trend is thoughtful sustainability.

While turning green isn’t a new concept, the current trend in sustainability promises to test both inventiveness and ingenuity.

What does this mean for events?
As an event planner, you may build a strategic strategy that reflects your event’s dedication to the environment by being aware of society’s increased interest in reusing, repurposing, and recycling.

The majority of individuals in the world today prefer items created from recyclable materials over those manufactured from non-recyclable materials. As a result, when you pick goods created from biodegradable or recycled materials, your guests will notice and appreciate it. Choosing environmentally friendly name tags, registration bags, or food cartons might be as simple as that.

Event planning industry trends and growth indicators should be at the top of your list if you are an event planner.

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