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event planning recipe for success

The Event Planning Recipe for Success begins with Content being the king, and it has revolutionized the way events are organized. It is recognized that if we ask participants to commit to two or three days of attendance, they want to learn something new about their sector, not only about the products and services of the exhibitors. 

In the business-to-business sphere, the experience economy has a significant impact. People anticipate that an event will reflect their own consumer experiences. I have an app that will notify me when my next bus or train arrives. As a result, I anticipate an app to notify me when my next session is scheduled when I’m at an event.

Considering these trends, we must ensure that what we’re delivering is both instructional and interesting, as well as an engaging and enjoyable event that participants will want to share on social media or with their coworkers. We will sell out events online with smart and innovative thought leadership material, but we will struggle to attract people if the content isn’t excellent.

What types of experiences do audiences respond to the most? The Event Planning Recipe for Success

Anything that allows individuals to get hands-on experience and engage with other participants is a huge hit. For example, to keep various people interested during a session, it is preferred to blend live surveying with questions via an app. Some people are apprehensive about standing up in front of a crowd and asking a question, while others are eager to do so. Another method to keep people involved is to invite them to play a game and engage in some friendly rivalry. This is particularly useful during networking events since it promotes face-to-face engagement.

There is a questionnaire called “The Planner Personality,” which allows users to determine what type of event planner they are. They are then offered a mocktail or a drink once they’ve completed it. This experience is not only entertaining and interesting, but it also allows staff to engage in dialogue with guests.

Here is an example, an event in The Hague, and while it was a small gathering (about 350 people), the content was excellent. They devised several learning excursions that brought individuals out from the office, which was rare. For the keynotes, they utilized the stage in a variety of ways. Attendees will recall an event most vividly when something unexpected occurs.

What distinguishes one venue from another? An important ingredient to The Event Planning Recipe for Success

You’re more inclined to book a venue with whom you’ve had a long-term connection, where they’ve become partners, if not friends. Venues also recognize that it is much easier for an event planner to design an event when the technology is already in place, rather than having to bring in more AV and negotiate additional costs.

How might technology enhance people’s event experiences?

Interactive technology has the potential to be extremely engaging. However, some people utilize it to avoid conversing with one another. A recently conducted poll of 1,000 people in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany discovered that millennials had a far tougher time networking than other age groups. I believe this is because they are more accustomed to communicating with others through an app or social media than through face-to-face conversations.

Older generations, on the other hand, are more eager to experiment with new technology during events. Get updated with the upcoming holiday events with the right ticketing platform.

Because it’s about keeping your audience entertained, try to include as much polling and social media participation as possible. No one likes to be talked at for hours. This pointer itself is another super important ingredient to The Event Planning Recipe for Success.

What variables might jeopardize an event’s success? Ultimate ingredient to The Event Planning Recipe for Success

Budget and bandwidth. You begin with the goal of segmenting the audience and targeting certain content. And, when you get closer to the event and have to deal with the details, it can turn into a nice-to-have. However, if you had twice as many individuals on your team, you could make it happen.

Planners might often become fixated on the number of guests they desire to attend an event. Are they, however, the ideal individuals to be there if they aren’t the ones who will make business choices or successfully network?

We hope that this blog or The Event Planning Recipe for Success helps you with your goals.

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