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Event Series to Grow Your Audience

It’s no easy effort to organize an event series to grow your audience. An event series is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of events held over a period of time that are linked by a common topic or aim. As a result, you’re essentially organizing numerous events in one! And that brings its own set of obstacles and tasks that you wouldn’t encounter at a single event. Of course, we’re not attempting to persuade you otherwise! There are several advantages to planning an event series and while you post your event.

For starters, arranging an event series to grow your audience allows you to go deeper into the themes that matter to your audience. Rather than cramming everything into a few hours, spread it out across a few days or weeks. Second, you may establish a strong rapport with your target audience.

There’s time for that relationship to develop since you’re communicating with them on a regular basis and in numerous ways. Finally, you may position yourself as an industry expert with the help of your dedicated audience and dependable, relevant events.

However, in order to get there, you must first organize your event series. These pointers will help your event series to grow your audience and run well over the course of days and weeks, ensuring that your participants get the most out of the experience.

Let’s start off with the tips and tricks, shall we?

Establish Your Objectives for your event series to grow your audience successfully

This is, admittedly, the same process you’d use to arrange any event, series or otherwise. But it’s a crucial one! What do you aim to achieve from your event series? You and your event planning committee should pose this question. This might include broadening your audience, delving further into a topic that interests your clients, or releasing a new product. Of course, you may have many objectives in mind while putting together an event series. However, they should not be competing objectives. Your secondary aims, on the other hand, should either support or be a direct outcome of your primary purpose. For example, your primary objective may be to launch a new product, with a secondary goal of growing your client base—because new products might attract new customers.

Make sure you can fulfill multiple events

You’ll need to pick a topic once you’ve decided on your goal(s). You probably have a theme in mind already, but do you have enough information to satisfy numerous events? You can tackle a different topic at each event depending on your overall theme. However, if you want to concentrate on a particular topic, be sure you can turn it into a series. If you don’t have enough content for a series, consider rethinking or expanding your theme. (If it doesn’t work, think about making it a one-time event.) There’s no reason to push a succession of events!) This, of course, begs the question. How many events does a series require? A series is defined as three or more items. To truly call it a series, you should aim for at least three events. However, the ideal quantity for you will be determined by your objectives and themes.

Creating continuity also adds up to decent event advertising.

When organizing event series to grow your audience, you don’t want each one to feel like a standalone event. They wouldn’t be a series if they were single events! Instead, you should tie the events together to create a sense of continuity. Naturally, you can—and should—do this by repeating your subject at each event. There are, however, various methods to connect the events for your attendees.

For example, at the start of each current event, you may go over significant points from earlier events. This will serve as a reminder to previous participants as well as information to those who were unable to attend. For each event, you can also supply pamphlets and other resources. Attendees will be able to take notes and bring them to subsequent sessions in the series. Post your event with minimal intervals to make it worth the while.

Now, how can you promote an event series to effectively add more value to event advertising? Here are a few tips targeting promotion for event management. Guidelines for promoting an event.

Email marketing for your event series to grow your audience.

Email marketing is still one of the most successful methods to reach out to potential event attendees directing towards promotion for event management. This might involve sending information about your event to your whole email list or a specific subset of your list or partnering with other companies with large email lists to advertise your event. If your company sends out a weekly or monthly newsletter, which is usually a good way to stay in touch with clients, you can use it to promote your online events on a regular basis.

Free tickets should be distributed for effective marketing and promotion of events.

Consider giving away free tickets to your online event if it is a paid event. In three ways, this will aid in the promotion of your event. For starters, it can pique people’s interest in attending the event, and they may encourage friends or coworkers to do so as well. Second, if someone receives a complimentary ticket, they may encourage others to attend the event. Third, when individuals are entering to win free tickets, you may gather contact information such as email addresses and social media handles so that you can alert these people about the contest’s results and upcoming events. Another great means for your event series to grow your audience. This one tops the list of Guidelines for promoting an event.

Affiliate marketing for your event series to grow your audience. 

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to promote events. Some websites, like, allow you to generate specialized affiliate links that may subsequently be shared by third-party promoters. For their efforts in marketing the event to others, those promoters will get a tiny share of each ticket sale, allowing you to focus on creating a wonderful event experience while spending less time promoting it. Affiliate marketing is another marketing idea for event series that is tried and tested.

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