A new kaleidoscopic art exhibit opening in March invites you to “fall down the rabbit hole” into an 18-room experience that’ll “shrink” you and introduce you to all sorts of oddities, including the elusive Cheshire Cat.

“Immersed in Wonderland,” which opens near Penn Station on March 13, features the 2D, hand-painted artwork of Alexa Meade, the artist behind Ariana Grande’s music video for “God is a Woman.”

Like Alice in Wonderland, once you step into the experience, you’ll be lured by a white rabbit into “Wonderland,” where you’ll find a confection tagged “eat me.” Wandering further, you’ll be “shrunk down” in size on your way to a glowing keyhole that leads into another whimsical land. You’ll paint the roses red, literally crawl into a rabbit hole and tumble through an obstacle course of oddities.

Like Alice, you’ll celebrate your unbirthday at the Mad Hatter’s tea party (at the Rosé Mansion’s Mad Tea Party Bar just next door), experience a psychedelic Cheshire Cat room and journey through towering flowers and magical mushrooms, where you may just see a caterpillar smoking hookah.

Meade’s work, which is stunningly multi-colored and almost hallucinatory, completely covers the walls and floors inside the exhibit, allowing you to literally step inside her painting and even don a painted costume to become a “living piece of two-dimensional art,” according to the dreamscape’s website. Mead has also shown her work at Coachella, Art Basel, Cannes Lions, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and at the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo among other places.

Tickets are $38 online. The exhibit opens March 13 at 111 West 32nd Street.

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