By | November 18, 2021
8 strategies to Sell more Event Tickets with Social Media

Social media is unquestionably one of the most powerful marketing platforms available to help organizations achieve their objectives. When it comes to events, social media plays an even bigger role since it assists event organizers in a variety of ways. Using social media to sell event tickets, engage attendees, and generate interest around the event is the most effective method to do it. We will discuss briefly the strategies to sell event tickets online. 

Now let’s dive deep into the strategies that could be utilized to Sell more Event Tickets with Social Media

1) With a Highlight Reel, you may portray the charm of your previous events.

Video advertising is a rapid and innovative approach to capture your company’s and prior events’ enthusiasm and amazing strategies to sell event tickets online. You may make a film that features highlights from prior events to offer potential clients a taste of what they might see at your forthcoming event. Audio and images that are both captivating and exciting are essential for boosting registration and excitement. When you share it with your family and friends on various social media platforms, you’ll receive multiple options for involvement. Consider hosting it on both Vimeo and YouTube, then quickly and easily sharing it to Facebook or other networks.

2) Want to reach a wider audience for your event? Facebook event’s page is your answer to the right strategies to sell event tickets online.

It may appear monotonous to announce future events to your website and then share them on Facebook, but, It is, however, a fantastic method to provide your audience with a familiar and handy spot to obtain information about forthcoming events. You can also use the Events feature to interact and communicate with your audience, as well as answer questions and see who will be attending the event, and ultimately guide yourself to Sell more Event Tickets with Social Media. 

They can post the event on their own news feeds if they RSVP. This also helps you to broaden your organic reach and any potential event attendee will be able to see all of your events in one easy-to-find location.

8 strategies to Sell more Event Tickets with Social Media

3) Go the extra mile, shareable content will empower the event attendees that enable you to sell more event tickets with social media.

You want your audience to be able to share your upcoming event as quickly and easily as possible across different social media channels. Provide a link to a webpage with your branded downloaded resources for your registered participants. After they register and arrive at your event’s landing page, provide them a button like Click to share that allows them to share your page.

Make sure you have ready-to-share images, audio, video, and varied platform updates. Also, keep in mind that different platforms have distinct posting styles, such as Instagram’s square photographs vs Twitter’s rectangle images. For each platform you wish to market, you’ll need a few distinct promotional materials. In order to Sell more Event Tickets with Social Media, this one’s quite critical.

4) Engage influencers who are familiar with your event’s target demographic.

Analyze influencers that have spent time cultivating a following within your target demographic. This may be done using a number of tools at various pricing points. Depending on the size of your audience, you may wish to compile a list of 10-25 influencers. Then begin with the influencers on the bottom half of the list, who may be simpler to “get” for you. Reach out and introduce yourself, as well as what you’re looking for from them, and consider highlighting your favorite postings. Sell more Event Tickets with Social Media? It’s never been this easy.

Don’t forget about your speakers, who may already be well-liked by some members of your audience. Allow them to easily share information about your event with their connections. 

Generate postings or photographs that are complementary to your speaker and that they will gladly share with their core audience. 

5) Consistency, the game-changer, lads.

To Sell more Event Tickets with Social Media? All you require is consistency. Your social media presence should have the same hues, emblems, and tone across platforms for optimum brand awareness. Check how your accounts appear to visitors by logging out of your brand’s account or logging into a personal account. Generate a checklist of photographs or information that needs to be updated and update their platform by platform before publishing too many posts.

6) Provide a special promo code to speakers or VIP visitors

This is a win-win situation for everyone: your speaker, guest, and entertainer get to add value to their connection, their network gets a discount to a pleasant experience, and your event gets additional visibility with its intended audience.

You may also track which referrals result in ticket sales using the code.

7) Make It Visible on Social Media 

You want your hashtag to be a part of the conversation during your event. It encourages individuals to share on social media in ways that can be tracked and that will help the event’s community grow.

Galleries are a natural spot to post your hashtag, but there are lots of other places to think beyond the norm. Take a conceptual run-through of your event to find photo-worthy places and moments. Include it before and after speaker, presentations to promote pre-speaker sharing as well as post-speaker reflections via hashtag postings. It doesn’t have to be digital; print items can be used as well.
Hashtags are for sure an integral footstep that can enable you to Sell more Event Tickets with Social Media. I kid you not.

8) The Insta effect.

Instagram stories are quite popular among Instagram users. It’s a collection of interconnected clips that a user can post while going about their regular routine. This is a quick, easy, and entertaining method to show your followers what happens backstage during an event. People enjoy seeing what goes on behind the scenes before, during, and after an event, and you can use this to generate excitement with your next event.

Post short video clips every day providing teasers for upcoming events which can lead you to Sell more Event Tickets with Social Media. Not only Instagram, but Facebook, Whatsapp, and even Linkedin have added the story feature to their respective platforms.  Make sure to keep posting these clips throughout the event so that those who couldn’t attend may see what they missed and get excited for the next one.

The list may go on and on and on, let’s save some for later. These strategies, if implemented appropriately can definitely transform your revenue statistics in a blink of an eye. We hope that this has actually helped you and has contributed to your revenue gains. The combination of 7days7nights and the above-mentioned strategies? LETHAL. TRUST ME. So, this is it, for now, I’m off to Sell more Event Tickets with Social Media, you should too. 

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