Food and drink festivals are ideal for that very reason: you can have little tastes of everything from all the best restaurants, breweries and liquor brands, all in one place. And lucky for us, NYC hosts tons of them every single year.

From whiskey to wine, from all-vegan options to bacon-themed, here are all the top food and drink festivals that will be in NYC in 2020!

New York City Whiskey & Spirits Fest

If you don’t quite know if you’re a whiskey lover yet, this festival will help give you a delicious education. You’ll hear from industry experts while you taste of a wide range of their finest whiskeys. Taste bourbons (which can only be given that label if its made in Kentucky) to exotic whiskeys from other parts of the world. There will also other spirits like vodka and gin on hand.

When: Sunday, March 7 | Where: The Tunnel, 269 11th Ave

Coffee & Tea Festival

If you’re not looking for alcohol, this tasty coffee and tea festival is probably more your speed. There will be over 75 exhibitors from all over the country bringing the finest coffees and teas you can taste. There will also be activities like seminars with professionals from the industry, pairings, tastings, and samples for all the caffeine-aholics in NYC.

When: Saturday, March 21 and Sunday, March 22 | Where: Brooklyn Expo Center

Brooklyn Whiskey & Spirits Fest

Learn about the in and outs of the alcohol industry at this festival that will have everything from whiskey to tequila to vodka and more. You carry around a souvenir cup that they will pour tastings into, and industry experts from the blenders themselves to critics to even bottle designers will be on hand.

When: March 28 | Where: Brooklyn Expo Center

Holi in the City Festival of Colors Party

Experience the Hindu festival Holi in a whole new way at this festival party at Stage 48. Your ticket will get you amazing music and dancing, complimentary appetizers, and of course powders in all different colors, and access to a cash bar.

When: March 7, 14 and 21 | Where: Stage 48, 605 W 48th St.

New York City Wine & Food Festival

Every year the Food Network and Cooking Channel hosts NYC’s iconic Wine and Food Festival. All the top chefs are there, as well are loads of personalities from Food Network’s cooking shows, plus tons of amazing tasting events, special dinners, seminars and classes. Tickets will go on sale in June.

When: October 8-11 | Where: Multiple venues.

NYC Hot Sauce Expo

Who loves food that completely burns the inside of their mouth? If so, this festival is for you! Enjoy as many hot sauce tastings as you can muster, plus craft beer and barbecue food. There are also scheduled events on the “Stage of Doom,” including intense spicy eating challenges.

When: April 18 and 19 | Where: Brooklyn Expo Center, 79 Frankin St.

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

On the other end of the spectrum / for those eating a more plant-based diet (which is most of us these days), the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival promises lots of food and health products, speakers, chef cooking demos, health classes (mind and body) and fun activities for kids. And though it’s called “vegetarian,” the event is fully vegan!

When: May 16-17 | Where: Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th St.

New York Pizza Festival

Though the 2020 date has not been set as of yet, New York had its second annual Pizza Festival last year…and it’s kind of shocking we didn’t have this sooner! In October the Belmont Business Improvement District (the area that’s part of “Little Italy in the Bronx“) brought renowned U.S. pizza makers, chefs, culinary personalities, as well as top pizza makers from Italy. Definitely one to look out for come fall.

When: October 2-3, 2020 | Where: Crescent Ave, The Bronx

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