If you are planning an event, you are likely trying to find some cheap event space NYC. While this is a great way to save on costs, other details need to be considered to get everything right. 

Planning an event can be an easy or stressful experience, depending on what you know. So, in case you are new to the game, it might be in your best interest to take some time off to learn as much as you can about the trade before diving in. This article will highlight some essential things to consider when selecting a venue for your event to help point you in the right direction. 

Should be within your budgetary preference

Cost is always a big factor; you obviously want to find a venue that you can afford. Space takes up a major part of your budget, but if you are not careful enough, it can end up eating your entire budget. This will put a strain on other vital aspects like supplies, food, signage, staff, and entertainment. If you are trying to save on cost, you should consider getting a cheap event space NYC. Bring flexible with the event date and planning ahead of time can also be a great way to reduce costs. 

Should match your audience’s size and preferences

Audiences will respond differently to different venues. It is essential to know what your audience is like, along with their preferences. It’s equally important that you are aware of their number to ensure that space can fit them all. Venue’s capacity will limit your options – find one that’s too small, and your guests won’t fit in, or one that’s too large, and you’ll end up wasting resources. Although the type of even will inform the choice of venue, you have to make sure that it reflects the taste and expectations of the guests. 

Should have a stable internet connection

We live in a digital age and rely heavily on the internet. So you’ll likely need a strong connection to accomplish a lot of stuff. Your audience, too, will appreciate access to Wi-Fi because they want to text their friends, check their email, and even post on social sites as the event goes down. It can be a bummer if your venue of choice doesn’t have an internet connection. 

Should have ample parking

It can be a hassle to find parking right in New York City, especially if the venue is in town. You want to make it a little easier for your guests to park their cars; otherwise, they may not come. Not many people are willing to pay $50 for a day’s spot or leave their vehicle on the street. So, if your venue of choice doesn’t have adequate parking, you should secure some space nearby. 

Consider other details

These include things like insurance, technology, location, sound and acoustics, layout, food & beverage minimums, special amenities/access, and additional services. Ensure that all these things align with your preferences before settling for a venue. 


Planning an event can be tedious work – especially if you are juggling it with other duties. That’s why smart people prefer to outsource the work to experts who are masters at choosing venues and organizing the entire stuff.

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