Drawing Club with Steph Calvert Art ,McDonough

Tue, Oct 26, 2021, 6:00 PM -
Tue, Oct 26, 2021, 7:00 PM

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58 Griffin Street, McDonough, GA 30253, United States, 30253 Show on the map
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Event Description

This community gathering is a chance for all of us to come together and draw for an hour. Check-in will be in the grassy area of the Queen Bee Coffee patio; come pick up supplies, find out the monthly theme, and enter to win a free artsy prize!
If you’re running late from work, do not worry. 45 minutes of drawing time is better than zero minutes of drawing time.
That’s a great question! Drawing Club is one hour, and is not a drop off childcare service. This is a community activity that’s a fun one for the whole family! Your kids may want to sit with their friends, and that’s totally fine – you may make some friends too! This is a community hang out, relax, draw for an hour together type of thing.
Just remember, you are responsible for your children, and while they may sit with friends you may not leave them unattended during Drawing Club.
Drawing Club is now a community activity for artists of all ages – all are welcome.
As this is a come one, come all type of event, if you’ve got your own drawing supplies you enjoy working with please bring those. Free sketchbooks and pencils will be on hand for anyone who needs them, to help out folks who didn’t have a moment to grab anything to draw with, families with lots of kids who have a hard time getting out the door and organizing supplies, or for curious passersby who wouldn’t have tried drawing on a random Tuesday in the community otherwise.
Steph Calvert Art will bring the basics – we’re talking paper, pencils, erasers. (If you want to help out with that, you're more than welcome to bring supplies for a future Drawing Club.) Again, if you have supplies to draw with, bring them, but if organizing a bunch of art supplies and kids and everything makes this a no go for you, I encourage you to let this be an easy hour where you don’t have to prepare a ton of things to get your kids out of the house. Just come draw and Steph Calvert Art’s got your back with drawing supplies.
Drawing Club is for everyone. If you’ve got a 4-year old that loves drawing, bring em. Each month there will be a theme along with a hashtag if you’d like to share your work with the Drawing Club community, but this isn’t school, there isn’t report cards, and this is your art time. If we’re drawing plants and you want to draw big crazy robots eating ice cream on Mars, do it.
If you say you can’t draw a straight line or a stick figure (you totally can you’re just not letting yourself), challenge yourself to stay away from the safety of your phone screen during Drawing Club. Challenge yourself to spend an hour drawing.
Yup. As long as I can keep this going, Drawing Club will be free. The public’s support in the form of tips, paper, and pencil donations is always appreciated!
Because everyone needs art, and I heart helping our community. I currently volunteer with kids church at Momentum Christian Church and teach art classes for all ages in McDonough. I spent a year teaching art in an elementary school setting and I loved it, but it didn’t allow enough time for me to be an actively working artist outside of school. Drawing Club allows me to continue my work encouraging people to explore art on my own terms.
No! Just kidding, you totally can! Please click here to visit my contact page and shoot me a note. I’d love to hear your feedback and find out if you have ideas for upcoming topics for Drawing Club!
Lucky for you, the format has evolved into a come one, come all, all ages welcome event!
Absolutely! Send me a message, let’s talk about what you have cooking.
We will have Drawing Club on the last Tuesday of the month, but sometimes the weather won’t cooperate. As long as there’s no events planned in the Conflux (the colorful building next to Queen Bee Coffee) on upcoming Drawing Club dates, that will be our alternate location in case of rain, cold, or Godzilla. Please note, that space will fill up quick in inclement weather and we will need to adhere to fire codes on maximum capacity.
Yes! If you’d like to help out by purchasing paper, pencils, or pink pearl style erasers, that would be so appreciated! If I end up with a super huge stockpile I will share extras with area elementary schools.Another way to support what I’m doing is to visit Barn Beautiful in Stockbridge to give one of my paintings a home.
Yup! I’m currently available for freelance illustration, logo design, art licensing, and custom art projects. Email Stephcalvertart@gmail.com to tell me what you’ve got going on, I’d love to work with you!
Listen I am a woman who loves her snacks don’t stand between me and my ice cream do you hear me? But sadly, I’m now allergic to dairy… so what I would do for a Klondike bar is probably take Benedryl afterwards lol.
Queen Bee Coffee is our location host for Drawing Club, and they have no idea how much I appreciate their giving this club a home! Please consider grabbing a coffee before Drawing Club starts, or tell your friends to pay them a visit soon!
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