Managing Orders

Refunding an Order

At 7 Days 7 Nights, we understand that there may be instances where you’re required to issue partial or full refunds to your attendees, and therefore offer a simple provision to do so.

Kindly note that the option for offering a refund will only be available for up to 5 days after the end of your event, and that the pay-outs will be processed after the end of this 5-day period.

You must also understand that 7 Days 7 Nights will not be able to refund the service fee, levied at the time of issuing the tickets.

How to Get Access to the Refund Option?

Simply go to “My Events”.

Select the event you wish to refund and select “Manage Event”.

You will get the refund option below the table under the Event Dashboard ➔ Manage Attendees ➔ Recent Orders: From here you can issue refunds

Downloading The Order Purchase Report

7 Days 7 Nights provides you with the purchase order details in a .CSV file which includes the order id, username, address, ticket name etc. which will help you to monitor all order data.

Downloading Payout Report

If you are using 7 Days 7 Nights Payment Processing, you can view a summary of current and past payouts. You can also export an itemized breakdown of which sales are included in that payout into an Excel or CSV file.

You can download a purchase and payout report by going to “My Store” and then selecting “Manage Event”.